Generating Results-Producing Actions Quickly & Easily

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Actions are important. Hardly any result gets produced by sitting on the sidelines and doing nothing (maybe not you were doing something, but someone else certainly did). Philosophers thousands of years ago already wrote about the importance of actions, and so did politicians, inventors, entrepreneurs, and members of many other groups: “The superior man is […]

Are You (Too) Comfortable In Your Mediocrity Zone?

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What a nasty term … ‘Comfort Zone’ – it sounds so nice, and yet its negative connotation is hefty: “how dare you be comfortable?”, “don’t settle!”, “stop being lazy and get going!”, “what are you waiting for?” … and so on. Loud and clear! So … what’s wrong with it? The short answer is: nothing […]

If You Have Two Ways Of Action, Take The Third

Man looking down at his shoes and arrows drawn on floor pointing in different directions

Did you think this headline is a mistake? So did I in the first moment when I originally read that quote (source unknown) – how can there be a third option when there are only two? And then I realized my linear and limited thinking. What the quote suggests is simply that there always are […]

World Password Day – A Security Reminder For Entrepreneurs

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You might be surprised to see a security-related post on this site. It’s very simple: Your data are your most precious asset (next to the people who work with you), and over the years I’ve seen too many situations where business leaders are way too nonchalant with securing those data. Today is World Password Day. […]

Innovation, Focus and Success

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Many people want to be successful in life. At something. Chances are, you want to be successful in the business you are creating.  Which bears the question: how do you define success?  Is it a number? An amount of money you end up with at the end of the year?Is it the amount of leasure […]

4 Ways To Keep Good People For Good

Mountain Climbers, Teamwork

If you’ve ever gone through the process of hiring someone – whether for your employer, for a project or especially for your own business – you know what it’s like to  come up with a precise job description, fill out all the lovely forms so that you can post the job on all the relevant […]

Steve Jobs On Perspective & Approach

Whether you are thinking about your first business or you are very experienced in running a business – as far as I’m concerned there is always something to learn from successful businesses, especially if they have overcome near bankruptcy as Apple did. The video above shows Steve Jobs giving an answer (to a question from […]

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