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Organizational productivity has been my focus and passion in my over 30 years in business.

While in the beginning this translated into a lot of IT, today my approach includes all aspects of business, from finances, administration, and team to customer service, sales and marketing as well as on-boarding and portfolio management.

Having been an entrepreneur myself most of my life, I have learned a lot about running a business, leadership, empowerment, teamwork and listening – most of it by own mistakes, a lot from other’s mistakes, and a large portion from excellent mentors.

I am passionate about entrepreneurship as a way for people to fulfill their vision of their personal lives, that of their families, and that of their coworker’s families.

I am here to provide my clients with tools and services that allow them to enjoy the entrepreneur lifestyle as well as working with empowered and enthusiastic teams and accomplish results they may dream of but don’t really know how to produce them.

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