Fostering Accomplishment

We scale your business with you – fast, and with a low-risk approach

We help IT companies to scale their business
quickly with a proven framework and a low-risk approach.

With over 30 years in software development and IT consulting, I am well versed in both worlds, IT and business.

Scaling a business
is no mystery

Your business is entering a new market?

You have goals you have been working on for a while without reaching them?

Your goals are so outrageous that your standard way of operation won’t get you there?

you don’t want to spend a lot of money on consulting without having results?

That’s where we come in!


Approach . Listening
Tools . Implementation

Do you own the business – or
does the business own you?

Based on a proven framework, we are your partners in generating the growth you are striving for – and the freedom you started that business for in the first place.


Three Easy Steps

Are We A Match?

After our initial call to determine if we fit together, our lean approach lets us get started very quickly.

Business Review (*)

The first phase is an analysis and review of your business following our proven framework.

Implementation (*)

Implementation is where results are produced. Expect results within the first 2-4 months.

(*) You don’t pay us until you have increased revenue.

Efficiency Multiplier

You know this situation: in a conversation someone says those famous words “you should read this book …”

And your (internal) response is probably: “Yes, I’ll add it to the stack of books I already want to read – when I get to it.”

Someone else most likely already has distilled that valuable book for you!
Get your answers in minutes
rather than days – save time!

You will get free access to a library of 150+ business books over the period of one year. Each book is summarized in a video of 15 minutes or less.


Act2Fact Micro-Workshops: Generating Results-Producing Actions

Goals, Resources … Actions?

Our workshops are customized to your needs and driven by your goals!

During a series of 1hr-long micro-workshops you and your team will be guided through an established framework of short and focused set of content delivery, questions and brainstorming with feedback.

Everyone leaves with much more clarity on the path ahead and a set of actions to produce the desired results.


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