I help business leaders accomplish the breakthrough results they are excited about faster and more reliably

I help business leaders accomplish the breakthrough results they are excited about faster and more reliably

Create breakthroughs to see through walls

Clarity Fosters Accomplishment

What I Provide

You may have goals you have been working on for a while without reaching them or those goals are so outrageous that your standard way of operation won’t get you there.

Goals that provide you and your business with a breakthrough are my favorite. I love seeing you thrive beyond your imagination.

I provide a series of questions and challenges that result in you seeing a clear path with specific actions to accomplish your goals.

From there I am available to accompany the activities through to completion.

How I Work

I believe that you – like most business leaders – know your business, your customers and your markets better than any advisor.

I also believe that advice is overrated: Advice can be very valuable – if adjusted to the context (your business and situation) and received in a way that you can make it your own.

What probably keeps you from coming up with successful solutions are clichés, traps, invalid assumptions, operating based on outdated decisions and similar aspects.

My job is to find out about those through a series of questions and to challenge your way of thinking and operating in business.

I offer in-house or online workshop packages as well as a series of calls. You pick what works best for you.

Further questions? Please contact me or review the FAQ below.

Interested In Working With Me?

I Am Listening

My work starts and ends with me listening to your commitments and concerns.

You Pick An Offer

After an initial conversation I will make you an offer and you decide where to go from here.

We Get To Work

Depending on the offer and your choice we start with one or more workshop(s) or a series of calls.

What My Clients Say


The main reason is my approach: I do not come in as business advisor (see question below). I am asking questions that are independent of industry or market.

I build on your own knowledge of your business, your customers and the markets you operate in.

While results will vary depending on your goals, in general you can expect specific steps for next actions.

These could be small steps that can be taken within a few minutes up to “steps” that are the size of a project that runs for several years.

The key is that you will have a clear path.

No. If all it took would be good advice, there would be no failed businesses (considering all the advice available from books, videos, fellows, etc.)

I may make recommendations and suggestions where I see them fit and valuable – and you take your pick. For the most part though you will create the solutions and next actions yourself out of the way I work with you (see above “How I Work”).

Thanks for that question. I need to work with the company’s leadership, i.e., the people who not only can come up with actions to take but also have the internal standing, rapport and/or position of power to implement those actions.

Specific action steps are the goal of all my work. That said, the results will ultimately come down to your engagement.

If you agree with your doctor at each visit to exercise daily and then won’t do it, you cannot expect  improvements of your health by the next visit.

I won’t leave you in the desert. I am available to support the implementation of the steps until your goals have been reached.

Coaching Inquiry

We provide a free introductory 30 minute business coaching via the phone or a webcast (limited availability).

Please be as specific as possible with your information.

We reserve the right to decline any request for coaching based on the nature or circumstances of the request.